fig-2: 50 projects in 50 weeks

fig-2: 50 projects in 50 weeks

Louisa Buck, Caroline Douglas, Gilda Williams, Catherine Wood and Hans-Ulrich Obrist (Contributors)

Flexicover, 27 x 21 cm | 9 x 11 in , 416 pages

ISBN 978-1-911164-39-5

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fig-2 brings together material from the eponymous arts programming of 50 projects in 50 consecutive weeks, curated by Fatos Ustek and staged at the Institute of Contemporary Arts throughout 2015. The publication is an embodiment of all the projects, events and activities that fig-2 generated, complemented by specially commissioned essays and conducted interviews that reflect on and respond to the conceptual framework and ambition of fig-2 in capturing the aesthetic and critical currency of our times.

Artists whose works are featured in the publication include Laura Eldret, Suzanne Treister, Tom McCarthy, Annika Strom, Oreet Ashery, Broomberg & Chanarin, Eva Rothschild & Joe Moran, Melanie Manchot and Bruce McLean, among many others.