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Regis Durand, Douglas Park, Alexander Garcia Duttmann

208 pages
150 b/w and colour ills
29.0 x 24.0 cm
12.0 x 10.0 in
ISBN13: 978 1 906155 57 5
Commonsensual & Remote Viewing in Foto8!

According to leading photojournalism magazine Foto8, "Commonsensual is the fullest survey of Luxemburg's photography and, as such, her most complete and compelling account".

Images from Remote Viewing also occupy the two central pages. 

Rut Blees Luxemburg interview in G2!

Rut Blees Luxemburg discusses her photograph 'Towering Inferno' from Commonsensual in today's G2. 

Click here to read the full interview.

The Work of Rut Blees Luxemburg

Rut Blees Luxemburg’s photographic work explores the public spaces of cities, where the ambitions and unexpected sensual elaborations of the ‘modern project’ are revealed. In so doing she brings to light the
overlooked, the dismissed and the unforeseen and creates uncanny and vertiginous compositions whose constituent parts suggest different ways of experiencing our shared common spaces.

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Commonsensual: The Works of Rut Blees Luxemburg is the most authoritative survey of the photographer’s work to date. Drawing on such influences as Giambattista Vico’s notion of Sensus Communis (or collective sense), Luxemburg’s projects include A Modern Project (used on the CD cover for The Streets’ Original Pirate Material) and the opera Liebeslied/My Suicides, based on the photographic series Liebeslied, as well as To Delphi, Faust 2, pied-à-terre lumière, Phantom, ffolly, and
Piccadilly’s Peccadilloes.

With an introduction by Regis Durand, former director of the Jeu de Paume and the Centre National de la Photographie in Paris, and texts by poet Douglas Park, and philosopher Alexander Garcia Duttmann, Commonsensual deftly summarises the many nuances of Blees Luxemburg’s work.

To coincide with the release of the book, Black Dog Publishing have an exhibition of Rut Blees Luxemburg photographs. From 10th March to 5th June, opening hours are 12pm-5pm Monday to Friday.